Out drunk.

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Author Brttrx
Tags action author:brttrx bitesized featured rated
Created 2007-10-20
Last Modified 2007-10-20
by 40 people.
Map Data

Description In a cornfield.

This map was featured on 2010-09-04

Out Drunk was the first brttrx map I ever played. As I progressed as a mapper, I found myself coming back to this quite often. The unconventional tiles (but not quite as different as we've come to expect from him) with the unique use of objects made this map memorable for me. As you trek through this map, you'll find yourself jumping on all kinds of slopes to grab the last piece of gold. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have. — blackson

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this demo bein 0th is just as surprising to me as this feature
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how come we have to think of a person to compare this map to when Brett already has a clearly defined style that this is the epitome of

Well yes,

but it has a look that is very similar to what I think is very much associated with Mahi. More so than anyone else, at least.

isn't this map

pre-mahi existence?


I also saw a bit of Mahi in it when I was looking at it. Like, 09 Mahi.

Faster AGD
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Person with gloomp'a avatar, you are very stupid. This is so stylish. :3

And also looks nothing like a mahi map (sorry bro). When I saw the thumb, I thought 'Mirage' and I was right.

my maps

are low on style ;_;

looks like

a mahi map. pretty low on style here. fun nonetheless. 3


There are better Brttrx maps around for sure.


with Z


I remember this


oh and ues, 4.5 rounds of to 5, so you get 5!!! :)


this map was amazingly fast and was fun to play!!
welldone and keep it up!!
deserves: 4.5/5


I didn't really like the exit switch. It was cool, but it felt estranged from the rest of the map.
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Fun, nice flow but not sure if feature worthy.

totally a race in disguise. but i cant figure the best flow in the top right section, a perpendicular jump off the beginning 3 slope works (but is rather difficult), but so does a normal jump.


Very vintage and tons of fun to run through. Almost like a pseudo-race in some ways. Great feature. 5
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Kitchen fast.
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I remember this. :D

Classic and stylish.

Reverse Jump

I did the fabled reverse jump just a second into my run. Looks weird in full speed and even weirder in fbf.
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And that's why I don't highscore.

Damn george.

I love this map.



Bitchin' faster.
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5aved. I'd bitesize it if I could be bothered to get bitesize privileges.


Bitchin' fast.
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very nice!
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