Halo 3: Snowbound

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Author Magicorange25
Tags action author:magicorange25 halo3maps playable snowbound unrated
Created 2007-10-18
Last Modified 2007-10-18
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Map Data

Description FFA on Snowbound.
I suggest you go down into the tunnel and get the shotgun first.
Watch out for the assault rifle-wielding players as you make your way to the other base.
Both bases have dual-wielding spiker users as habitants, avoid the one in the left base and grab a frag grenade.
Head outside and face the two ghosts and one bully with the spartan laser. Try to grab that needler. Watch out for the needles!
Get that other granade atop the first base and plummet down to the middle tunnel to retrieve that shiny plasma grenade. The rest of the match shall be easy with this equipment.
Have fun in the snow while you're at it!

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I liked it.

The gold placement was good, pretty much forcing you to charge through the chainguns. A well-made map. 4/5.


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