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Author Rake
Tags action author:rake bitesized playable race-ish rated
Created 2007-10-09
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description My greatest and most favoured map ever!

This map was used alot of time and I put a hell of alot of effort into this, so please try and appritiate this.

I advise not going for an AGD but it is possible, but it might slow some people down.


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@ Usa.

You do not know where you are going... until you reach the end. It's so fun that way.

Messy as hell

Don't know where the hell I'm going in this map.


condog, for sizing this, I dont mind people rating this down because of lag, its still got a respectible 4.


and i hate when people rate it down when the map lags.


love it, uses a unique idea, not overbearingly difficult.


is a really smart level. ive personally not seen one like this before. seen similar - but not like this. gold well positioned so that you can go for easy route or go for a challange if you want to, enemies are well placed according to the gold, and it looks fairly cool. 5/5 coz im in a good mood and i like it. :D

nice map

long load
non adg, but oh well
Demo Data

Yeh I Know

I forgot to say that this may lag on slow computers, but was fine on mine, and its worth the load time :)


cool, but uber laggy. 3.5/5


Never have I seen a map like this. You help yourself and the enemy at the same time.


long load time

but fun
unique. 4.5aved