Jumping Alien Space Ships

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Author T3chno
Tags action alien author:t3chno jumping playable rated ufo
Created 2007-09-29
Last Modified 2007-09-29
by 7 people.
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Description I'd like to say that play-testing this map was crazy fun. Especially the part where I had to find out where to place the chain-gun drone. There are little areas with flows here, so it's an action map!

This map is for crunchytoast - he got the fastest AGd on one of my other maps. And he rocks. So yea.


~Have Fun peeps~

edit: Removed some stuff (launch pads, stuck drone) Thanks to munkyboy for finding out.

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fast agd....

sweet hops... love the ded... 5/5aved
Demo Data


hey awesome map. i can see u put a lot of effort into it

Hy Gerald McBoingBoing

really fun




Really like it.



there was a stuck drone in the end.
Thanks for reminding me of's removed.
Took out some pads too.


there was no stuck drone...
it NAN'd when i loaded so now at the end i die instead of getting the exit on my demo :@


cool map.
dont like the stuck drone...
too many bounce pads as well...
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