Zap the stars

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Author LordOfDestiny
Tags action author:lordofdestiny playable rated
Created 2005-07-09
Last Modified 2005-07-12
by 6 people.
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Description I'm just starting out. For this reason (and because it doesn't fit in any other category) I choosed the category "Test level"


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and faster still...

not bad. 3/5
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I don't think there is much action. But OK. I'll remember next time.
But good for a first map, better than trying to do too much. And this would go under Action, by the way.


pretty cool. i think going for all-gold may get a little boring having to fall from a high place, than climbing back up.
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All done

Nice map. It was just a little too easy, but I'm sure an all-gold run would be quite difficult. 3.5/5.
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