IPECAC Works After Swallowing a Penis

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Author Delirium
Tags action author:delirium bitesized kidney-stones playable rated
Created 2007-09-15
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description That's right, not even a dong can escape the ever elusive vomiting power of IPECAC! Guis had a kidney stone today. He made this map with Jig, who made more of it than Guis, but also didn't have a kidney stone. A kidney stone is a carotid artery gone awry in the renal glands, which results in very weak orgasms and powerful constipation.


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wooha, awesome
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better demo

and in case you thought I was bein serious..

I was ;)
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Shit map

Great Demo
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I like this.



Laem AGD

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Nice bitesize... GUIS :O

Holy wow.

Bitesized- no votes or comments. Freaky.