Caved In

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Author Mitallac
Tags action author:mitallac playable unrated
Created 2005-07-06
Last Modified 2005-07-06
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Description This is a very fun map (In my eyes). I couldn't find any glitches, but still if you find any. Email them to me at, or catch me on AIM at Pudge1420.

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Added Note***
There is also another challenge, the GOLD CHALLENGE. I would love to see some demos of all gold.

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It's kinda flawed

I liked the look of it, but there are some tech. problems... You really don't need 2 gauss or rocket turrets close together. Very occasionally it works but here it seems to just mean they're too slow to spot you as you whizz past. Also the gauss turret in the locked slanted thin tunnel looks cool but never gets a chance to respond... Finally the launchpads threw me into the mines...

Personally I think this could be good if you tweaked it a bit.


thwump part is great
the rest is soso.