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Author tl
Tags action author:tl bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-08-28
Last Modified 2007-08-28
by 17 people.
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Description The tiles are clues.

this is an entry to turtle's "Innovation Contest" which can be found here:

This map was featured on 2015-03-22

A river wild, branching tributaries boring through the land. A section of highway, streets feeding a flow of cars into big, concrete garages and even bigger glass obelisks. An oak tree, skyscraping, branches exploding outward with life. The circulatory system, warm blood flowing through veins & venules, arteries & arterioles & capillaries. Patterns appear and reappear constantly, forever, often quietly. Finding the quietest ones is the most fun. — Yahoozy


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One of the few maps that sticks with me, forever and always.
But I don't quite understand it. :(

I just got it.

This is fantastic. I'd give this 10/5 if I could. One of the best puzzles I've ever played.


this is awesome, took me ages to figure it out.

I am sorry for slandering the good name of tl. I have put myself in time-out. Please take this agd as recompense. This is good map.
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Yahoozy, awesome review!


Pretty sure of yourself there, bud. There is, look closely at the tiles and the placement of the dummy switches. tl was a prolific mapmaker, he deleted most of his submitted maps.


This is bad. Unless there's a secret locked-door arrangement which I'm missing out on (which there isn't), this is a poor attempt at a puzzle. No organization at all. Too bad this was his only map.


All gold.
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Awesome idea!


I love this!

Its so... innovative! XD