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I've been playing Nv2 since September of 2013 with the username BtoasterBoy. Recently, someone told me that I should upload some of my maps here, so I'm doing that now. I hope you guys like them.

I have a few different series that I work on. Each time I make a level, I decide which of these categories they fall into.

Central: short and difficult
Timing: the crux of the level is entirely about a moment of timing
Visual Art: Not necessarily the most challenging gameplay, but look interesting
Level: Anything that doesn't fall into those categories

Recent Maps

Thumbnail of the map 'Ya-who?-zee' Thumbnail of the map 'Logic Gates' Thumbnail of the map 'I'm sorry, but we were looking for a thinner ninja' Thumbnail of the map 'Into the mouth of the monster' Thumbnail of the map 'Brain Damage' Thumbnail of the map 'columnated ruins domino'
Ya-who?-zee Logic Gates I'm sorry, but we were looking for a thinner ninja Into the mouth of the monster Brain Damage columnated ruins domino