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Yo. This is a collab account. Strictly no single-author maps. And all races. You see, this was originally made between me (Bunniesandsheep) and In_Dub. But change is on the way. Yes, the collab series is coming out. Basicially, I go around asking popular race makers (or reasonably popular, or an author who's ever made any race that I've ever liked) to do a collab. That gets stuck in the series.

Newest collab series map

Traveller's Peril - Clicky for the map []
The second is out! Play it! this one's with destiny.

you can find all of the collabs I did with In_dub Here [] except for this [] one because the tags screwed up and I can't insert dubbish as a tag. So yeah.

Enjoy these maps!

Hey! It's Destiny here! i love every single race in this account - i hadnt played them until just now either :D

The map i made with bunniesandsheep in the collab series is pretty damn sweet - check it out Here [] and while your at it leave a demo :D - warning you though, it's kinda hard ^^

I guess my favorite map by dubbed_bunny would be This [] - i love the feel and flow of it - you should too! Check it out!

Destiny out.

Recent Maps

Thumbnail of the map 'Dance floor anthem' Thumbnail of the map 'Squeegy' Thumbnail of the map 'Life is like Cherry Soda' Thumbnail of the map 'Spandex - Kid : over streched' Thumbnail of the map 'CS00-1: First Sight' Thumbnail of the map 'CS00-2: Traveller's Peril'
Dance floor anthem Squeegy Life is like Cherry Soda Spandex - Kid : over streched CS00-1: First Sight CS00-2: Traveller's Peril