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Author Greengooguy49
Tags author:greengooguy49 playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-04
by 9 people.
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Description For the contests

Where's the tiles:

No block tile contest:

Best no enemy contest:

Play rate enjoy :)

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now i know how to double-jump off a bounce block woot and i didnt do too bad on demo
Demo Data

hella slow...

but in the words of ianb, ill work on it later lol
Demo Data


but you get the idea
Demo Data


Man some of those demos were insanely fast!

Nice work and thanks for the votes.... I'm going to go around and check out your maps now.

Nice map,

Heres a demo, after a lot of work...
Demo Data
super-duper-wuper speedylicious. I beat myself.
Demo Data


_no one_ is beating that without a bit of work.
Demo Data

super-speed demo.

Demo Data

God hates me.

I set out to do an all gold run, to redeem myself after my "speed" run was totally owned by VV33, and of course I get all of the gold, hit the switch, gaze at freedom, and fall 50 feet to a horrible death. Wonderful.
Demo Data

Speed run

Good map!
Demo Data

not that hard

cheese_god: it helps to practice this first in fbf so that you can see what you need to do.

demo is compleation
Demo Data


I hate that teqhnique, but still a good map. 4/5