Atlantian Metropolis (redux)

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Tags atlantis author:ndeavour metropolis playable race rated sea
Created 2019-02-07
Last Modified 2019-02-07
by 7 people.
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this was pretty fun
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Hi Andrew!
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& it's very nice to see a map for you! I hope that itch is not yet satisfied ^_^
I think I would have enjoyed it much more were I not so rusty -- it's a fun flowy route when you can actually jump correctly. The tiles are certainly the highlight, though.
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i missed the race tag.
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I'd rate this a 5.
But I can't.
So I faved it instead.
Also hello, haven't seen you around in forever.


would you say you felt Inspired?

good to see so many people still here.
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It's always

A pleasure to see you here. I will be posting a demo soon. Love how the map plays though. As FT said, it is quite fluid


We haven't even had 9000 maps since your last one
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Amazing tiles and fluid gameplay; I liked the theme of objects in long groups.
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Kia ora, whanau! It's only been 5ish years. I just had that itch, you know?

Oh, shit!


Hello nDeavour