Unscored Nim

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Author Halica
Tags author:halica easy highscoring race unrated
Created 2018-06-05
Last Modified 2018-06-05
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Map Data

Description Map I made for Untamed Nim in N++, but converted to N1.4.
Its primarily focused around highscoring. The only route differences between this and N++ is that
1)the one-way clip at the bottom grants you a lot more speed in 1.4 so you will not be able to double jump and get the switch quickly.
2)you cannot jump to get an extra high boost from the launch pad when going to the right side, you so will have to jump off both launch pads rather than just 1. (at least afaik maybe this tech also exists in 1.4)


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I thought the rockets were a fine choice. I didn't use the one-way glitch because I wanted to play it the way you intended. Unfortunately that meant climbing up the left section which I couldn't do very smoothly.
Demo Data
Good map to start off your account with. The tiles are quite fine. The enemies not so much. Rockets were far too easy to dodge as there was lots of free space. The drones were quite ineffective too. Gold pattern was fun to collect.
Also, since your are importing your maps from Nv2, keep in mind the glitches that NReality and Nv1.4 has. For example, the one-way near the left-most switch. Check my speedrun to see what I am talking about.
Overall, I would give this 4/5.
Demo Data